Yoruba Movie Actor, Odunlade Adekola Produced Latest Movies

Have you seen the list of Odunlade Adekola movies? Here you have an opportunity to read about the latest Yoruba films by Odunlade Adekola.
Do you know what Odunlade Adekola specialization is? What films does he play roles in?
Gbedu magazine reveals that the Latest Yoruba movies by Odunlade Adekola
Mainly, he is supposed to be Nollywood Yoruba actor. Besides, he is believed to be famous film director and producer. All this took place after he wrote a script for created by himself film. The movies included the play only of two characters – him and his friend.
Nowadays you are able to see him acting in Yoruba films by Odunlade Adekola, their quantity is going to outnumber 70 films.
List of Odunlade Adekola movies:
Aroba/Aroba 2;
Its genre is drama. The main plot is a relationship between man and woman, and their intentions to see if one is faithful to each other or not.
Tani Aseni;
It deals with a man who wanted to become powerful by any means. However, his rivals don’t agree with this.
Main topic is, of course, relationship.
Lori Afefe;
Getting acquainted with a new boyfriend via mobile chat has become one of her main mistakes.
Ife Mi;
This film will answer a question if love can be checked by the time.
Astray (Isina);
Most anticipated film of the century.
Oloto Ati Bada;
It features a topic of competition between friends.
Is it worth staying with one person for the whole life or find another wife or husband if you aren’t satisfied with your life with him?
Sababi Eda;
A bright example of a life of a single mother.
Among the best 2015 Odunlade Adekola movies are: Igba Ola, Olarotimi, Adajo Agba, Epa, Tanika.
Odunlade Adekola movies 2016
Among them are:
Which Odulade Adekola movies would you like to see?

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