Veteran Congolese Singer, Koffi Olomide: Jailed For One Year After Kenya Assault

Veteran Congolese singer, Koffi Olomide has come out to say that he is not guilty after being accused of assault and jailed for one year.
According to Koffi, Gbedu magazine reveals the prosecutor didn’t do the due diligence of interrogating the dancer, the supposed victim that he kicked at a Kenyan Airport.
A statement on one of his social media accounts read, “To all our friends Koffifiles and Koffillettes; due to the injustice that sustains our artist Koffi Olomide, which has just been transmitted in prison without conviction pronounced, nor verdict or judgment and the refusal by the prosecutor to listen to the dancer supposed to be the victim, we kindly ask you to put this photo of our artist on all your accounts, social networks as a sign of protest and especially of supports for the artiste.”
It was gathered that after the said assault, Koffi and the dancer had issued a statement both saying that all was good between them.
The dancer giving her said of the ordeal said “Koffi did not attack me, it was a girl at the airport who was threatening me and Koffi came to defend me… Koffi can never beat us in public, he loves his dancers and he does not beat us. He is not someone who is aggressive… we don’t have any problem.”
The explanation did not save him as he was arrested and deported a day later following Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet’s order.
Koffi has however asked his fans to stand with him and replace their display profile pictures on social media accounts because his being found guilty of assault was unfair.

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