UK Super Story, Blogger and Publisher Fights Dirty: Esabod Herbs Versus Infinity Magazine

There is a Yoruba sayings that, “agba kii wa loja, ki ori Omo titun wooo”. The name Esabod Herbs and Roots is a brand in Dublin, United Kingdom, which is creatively produced by the Iron Lady known as Tokunboh Alasabi Aboderin, an alternative traditional medicine which originates from the Nigerian environment competing with orthodox drugs as an alternative medicine that’s proven better to use in the cure of ailment in the body.
However, Gbedu magazine reveals that ‎Infinity International magazine CEO, Ademile Bakray reported a particular situation about a woman to Esabod Herbs and Roots, but she took it wrongly and decided to start her unruly abuse towards the former which may be based on wrong information she gathered. Thus, the latter responded to her abuse and stated categorically that he should not be used by Esabod to promote her business.
All these scenerios came up through facebook platform with visuals of video displaying to the public the ‎messy fight interms of verbal abuse on eachother.
Both of the blogger and the publisher  have up to 21,000 and more fans, and all their fans are aware of the negative trending things‎ happening between them. This is seriously uncalled for. What value are they keeping for the upcoming persons looking up to them as role models? Is this what they want to be given back to the society?
It has been observed overtime here in the United Kingdom among the Yoruba ‎people that, whenever there is any rift between parties, they quickly go online to broadcast it, which is not a healthy arrangement at all.
 We advised them to settle their rift amicably‎ which has to be privately done instead of opening their “bombom” in the public negatively thereby belittling each other’s personality.
The media, and the social media to be precise, is meant to be used to promote the good happenings in the society and not things that are not of social value like the one we experienced recently.
A word is enough for the wise in this situation, we expect that both parties will use maturity ‎to bury the hatchet and promote good tidings with their good offices.

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