The Mediocre People Belittle Gbedu Magazine Work: A Case of Gambia’s President-Elect Adama Barrow Story

Yesterday, News surface on social media from the stable of the nation of Gambia environment‎, that the President-Elect, Adama Barrow has been assasinated which we, at Gbedu magazine, after seeing the news, we tapped into it, to inform the fans, followers, or those who deemed it fit to follow our updated and dynamic news story of the event happening in Gambia, the West African country.
However, afterwards with our inquisitive trait to‎ getting it done, we pressed further by monitoring the Gambia nation news stories to know the afterwards details of the event that had happened, going by the fact that the current President, Yahya Jammeh is not ready to reliquish power, and his promise not to step down, the news looks real; but we eventually got the fact that, “which is in the second story we updated, negating the earlier reports about the President-Elect, Adama Barrow’s death”; which shows clearly the events that had unfolded in the Gambia Nation as near truism of the first story.
At this juncture, we did the correct thing by quickly updating our stakeholders that it wasn’t true Adama Barrow was dead, but a report from that home country through their available medium on social media‎. “if it will be true, that’s how it will be true”.
So, what is the fuss about? Some set of people who are agents of undue criticism ‎spat up and took it with their face. They are only known with criticism ever since they have been on earth…
Anyway, there is room for change for anyone of you who is ready to change, that’s why Jesus Christ came to die for our Sins, however, we are not bothered from our end here, but it’s important to state the fact right here. Why are people happy to quickly result to abuse whenever there is little bend in event?
You can call us to order which we will look into anytime as we have always done. Some set of people just developed negative mindset overtime.
We have been contributing to societal growth through our news dissemination to the people through the new media. How many of you who send messages to our emails and whatzapp, have support for us?
We have the Google Android app and apple store app of gbedu magazine, none of you have contributed by supporting us towards downloading it on your phones‎ nor neither have you contributed to any support of event we had done in the past.
It’s time you all learn the way of the Ant and be wise.
If you all persist this way, I fear you are hitting back on yourselves in your endeavours.
We shall at all time, from the stable of Gbedu Magazine give our fans the correct, latest and dynamic news story as we have been doing.
When we do the right thing, we don’t see your appreciation, when there is bend in the right thing we have done, it’s your criticism that‎ take over the place.. Abeg make una change una ways oooooo..
This is 2017. A prefect year to behold and get back what you give in return……Gbam!!!   As much as you give us your support, the better we excelled better and together, we win…
Gbedu magazine wishes you all Happy New‎ Year…..

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