The Fabulous Nature of Toke Makinwa

The many things about Toke Makinwa includes an amazing sense of style, her love for fashion, we could go on and on and on. After revealing  facts about herself, we are shocked. 
Gbedu magazine reveals that the Media Mogulette (yes, mogulette is a word) Toke Makinwa who is such a stunner took to her vlog, ‘ Toke moments’ to share five facts about herself. I love how real Toke is, it’s so refreshing. Her highlight stays popping too, so honestly, what’s not to love?  
Here are facts about Toke, you’ve probably never heard before;
 Toke is a prayer warrior, and in her own words, she reports people to God, so we would strongly advise that you try your best not to offend her.
 She’s very playful and loves to laugh at herself. Her exact words were ‘I’m a joke’. She’s such a great sport!
She’s vain and absolutely in love with herself and too amazing not to love herself, honestly.
 She’s a Scorpio which means that she’s very loyal to the people she loves, and she’s that friend who would take a bullet for you.
She does not hesitate to cut people with negative vibes off. She’s loyal, but she definitely does not let people take her for granted.

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