The Exclusive Story of Legendary King Sunny Ade at 70

Gbedu magazine reveals that The Legendary King Sunny Ade (KSA) turns 70 today, Thursday, September 22, 2016; and plans are on to celebrate him for the next three months. We’ve also join in celebrating the master guitarist at 70 with these memorable photos and information about the life of the king. 
On the first premise, King Sunny Ade’s father was a church organist, and the juju music living legend was born to a church organist father who is also a prince of Ondo town on September 22, 1946. Sure he cut his teeth in music from him.
Consequently, his musical career began with Moses Olaiya’s Federal Rhythm Dandies and Moses Olaiya was popularly known as Baba Sala who started out as a highlife musician; and KSA trained under him from where he left to start his own band called the Green Spots in 1967.
From 1967 till date KSA has dominated the juju music/African music sphere and brought so many transformation to juju music. His genre of music was sung sitting down but because he was young, vibrant and a great dancer he started singing juju standing and this afforded him the opportunity to dance, sing and play the guitar.
KSA is the stylish man who is either in native or English wears which always make KSA to stand out and his costumes are unique; a prolific songwriter who writes all his songs which has continue to be a hit. 
However, till the mother died in 2010 at over 120 years of age, KSA loved his mother and vice versa such that he buried his mum on his birthday, September 22, 2010.
KSA has a signature cap, turban/ head band which he uses to perform on stage thereby branding his musical style of play which make hin to still rocks at 70, sings like he is in his 40s and dances as if he is in his 30s.
To this end, Gbedu International Magazine congratulates a Man of Icon, a Legend of our time in the past, at present and future to come.
Long Live King Sunny Ade. The Juju Maestro of Ages past!!!

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