Nigeria’s match against Scotland was a fair contest even though there was heightened expectation for a clear win from Nigeria fans home and abroad. While the match was on, the players had another task of  showing off their skills to the manager so as to go into his good books.  In the line of play; the Scots scored the first goal  and the Nigerians equalised in the second half, this spurred  Scotland to net their  second goal leading to an equaliser by Nigeria at the 90th minutes.  The game which saw a lot of tactical moves ended in a 2:2 draw.  At the press conference, we asked Keshi the Nigerian manager ”Why  Mikel did not play and the Coach was quick to ask us ”didn’t you see him on the field?” Though it was witnessed that Mikel did not play but  walked into the dressing room five minutes to the end of the game. On this the coach gave his word of assurance that “Mikel is a part of team that’s why you saw him walking into the dressing room five minutes to the end of the match”. So much drama for a just an outing but we keep our hope buoyed that the Team would do Naija proud.

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