Shocker!!!Edo State Deputy Governor, Phillip Shuaibu Waylay Former APC Governorship Aspirant, Chief Blessing Agbomhere At Benin Airport

The rate at which Nigerian politicians are jostling for position‎ and authority is nothing to write home about. Disappointment all the way is what we experienced from the those who are voted at the helm of affairs in governing the people. The case of Former Governorship Aspirant, Chief Blessing Agbomhere of Edo State is the bone of contention here. In a democratic environment where civilisation has been the order of the day, Chief Blessing was accosted at the Benin Airport upon his visit to Edo State, and he met the current Deputy Governor, Mr. Phillip Shuaibu whom upon seeing Chief Blessing, he decided to call his tout to come to the airport and deal with him.
Upon what circumstances could a serving Deputy Governor, Phillip Shuaibu engaged in such an uncivilised act‎. 
However, Gbedu Magazine unfolds that when Chief Blessing Agbomhere was expressing his anger at the event on his predicament, he has this to say;
“They said I should not come to Benin, then if I come to Benin what will happen to me”. For me to have contested for the Governorship ‎of Edo State is not a crime. Shuaibu and Former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole are not the owners of Edo State. I was the youngest Governorship Aspirant that contested against Obaseki. My name is Chief Blessing Agbomhere. Since I ran governorship under APC, and am still member of APC. About last two weeks, they suspended me from party and told me that I should stop being member of the party. They also told me that I should not come to Edo State again. How can Oshiomole and Shuaibu tell me the secrecy of Edo State. Not to come to my own state. And today, I was going to come to Edo State, I don’t know how they got to know the information, at the airport, I met Phillip Shuaibu, when I met him at the airport, he’s an academic inferior, he’s a liliputian, I didn’t not even say anything to him. I don’t know that while I was there, he was busy calling the whole of benin that I was now in Benin that they should come and Waylay me at the airport. And that is why you see the whole these boys with what they are doing. Is this the calibre of person that we have as Deputy Governor of Edo State?  When we are preaching the change, is this the change we are preaching? 
At this juncture, the APC government needs to put its house in order in all their branches all over the Federation and stop accepting bad eggs to the party.‎ There is the need to thread a better path in solving crisis than using unpopular means.

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