Shocker!!! Kemi Olunloyo Called Jide Kosoko ” Black Widower” : Hits Back at Daughter, Toyin Kosoko


The long drawn criticism from the popular social media critic, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo against the Nollywood Actor, Jide Kosoko is growing wings day by day as the former is continuing to be at logger heads to prove her statements earlier made positively, and buttressing that there are still more to come.

Gbedu magazine reveals recently, according to Kemi Olunloyo, the daughter of Jide Kosoko, Toyin Kosoko, had gone on facebook page of the former, threatening to deal with her.

Here is what Kemi Olunloyo, the social media critics said about how it begins through video:

“Hi Good morning its June 9th 2016 from Ibadan, Nigeria. Am Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, this video is a very serious video and a stern warning for the daughter of Jide Kosoko, “Toyin Kosoko”.
Jide Kosoko lost his wife, his third wife, Henrietta Kosoko and I made it known on social media, I twitted it, and I also pasted it on my facebook page that Jide Kosoko has lost his third wife and that he’s now a black widower and he’s actually been a black widower since he lost his second wife previously.

A black widow is a woman who has lost one, two or more husbands. A black widower is a man who has lost two or more wives.

Bottom line is, its a British term, its an English term “Black Widow, Black Widower”. It doesn’t really say anything about the person whether they are responsible for the killings or anything. Its just really is based on folklore of luck.
When English people used Black Widow, they feel “Oh God, there is something about this woman, I shouldn’t marry her because am gonna die next, the same with her husband”. It happens a lot with women more than men..

Well, last night, Toyin Kosoko came on my facebook page and left a threat, she said; “am really stupid, am looking for people to visit my page, she said a bunch of crap and then she said, ‘wait till I see how she’s going to get back at me”.

Toyin Kosoko, you don’t really wanna mess with me. First of all, am going to drag you on social media, okay. Am a social media critic, am a social media expert, am going to drag you so low by the time that you should be mourning your mother.

This is not the time, I have the right to say what I feel as a person, it is my right to make a view, a lot of media, mainstream media, bloggers have written all kinds of stuffs. But the bottom line is that I said that, “your father should be investigated for rituals, that’s what I wrote, I didn’t say your father did rituals, I didn’t say your father used your mother for rituals. I said rituals are prevalent in Nollywood, and he should be investigated. I don’t like ritualism. ” When my father got involved in it, I exposed it and I did a documentary for the World to listen to. It traps you, it takes a lot to talk against your own family.

I spoke about Olamide, how he visits ritualist, for his music business. I don’t just make things up. People come to me and tell me things and I verify things. When he refused to sign a female artiste, what happened.. Well later on, his male artist started leaving after he signed a female artiste. It takes a lot for me to say the things I see on social media as a social media critic. But one thing am not going to tolerate is threat.

Now we are in a civilized society right, you could sue me, many public figures haven’t sued me… Take me to court and I will prove my case and you will pay me.

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