Shocker!!! Governor Abiola Ajimobi Degraded Public Office: Bully LAUTECH Students

It’s unbelievable that the Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi could deliberately or naively degrade his office as he has done being the number one citizen in the state, South West, of Nigeria‎.
A video‎ upload on youtube by Sahara TV vividly show that the Governor of Oyo State had lost the midas touch.
Gbedu magazine unfolds that it would be recalled that the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology had been closed since eight months now due to the purpose of looking into the finances of the institution, which is jointly owned school by the Osun and Oyo States Government respectively.
However, while Governor Ajimobi of Oyo State was addressing‎ the students, he lost the moral fatherly aura, and not only that, he is not a good Governor

who understood the enormity of his behaviour towards the students. So had it been his children schooled or schooling here, would he have behaved the same?

In the light of this, find below the transcribed word the Governor used while addressing the students, then you will get it clearly than further analyses, and in turn form your own opinion;
Governor Ajimobi: ‎You complain that your school is shut since 8months. Am I the person who closed your school?
Students: Reactions…………..with noise.
Governor Ajimobi: if this is how you want to talk to me, then go and do your worst.
Students: reactions continues……….
Governor Ajimobi: If you want to be troublesome, I dare you. I’m ready for you, let’s see what happens then‎.
You should have little respect ‎for Constituted Authority, no matter what.
And if somebody of my calibre meets with you…..eight months of what…..?
This is not the first time schools are getting shut. So what?
It’s not to come here and sing ” it will be tough this time.” To be tough at who… is it at me?
Students:‎ shouting with noise yes…………….
Governor Ajimobi: You‎ mean it will be tough at me? Is it at me? Me? Bring that boy here for me.
Students : resisting the police from taking the student.
Governor Abiola Ajimobi:‎ Leave hIm, leave him..
Let me tell you this, the reality of this is that, Your management, the Oyo State, and many governments, they lacked funds. If they lack fund, but if they lack fund, we must find a way to help the students. But if you come here and you are shouting at me, am not going to talk to you.. And if you want to start troubles.. go ahead!
This Government will not tolerate nonsense from anybody.. Let me tell you, What I want now is, as you’ve come, you should plead “Boss‎, they have shut our school. Dear Governor…..”
Students ‎: Rejecting Ajumobi’s idea…………
Governor Ajumobi: ‎ Is this one a ‎student? You there? It’s a pity! What course are you studying? What course are you “DOING”?  Accounting? Is it accounting?  You know something? With your behaviour, i’m not going to talk to you again. So if you want to do anything, go and do it. I will wait for you. As a reasonable people, and you are not reasonable, then I’m not going to talk to you again.
We were holding Excos Meeting, I came out…. this is all of you. You are just very few….
Governor Ajumobi said with emphasis that,” this is the Constituted Authority of Oyo State.” Even if I don’t pay salary or I don’t pay this….. The fact is that am the Constituted Authority‎. It does not remove that Authority.
At this juncture, Gbedu magazine concludes that this is a big shame to our black people who vested themselves with power of “Am The Constituted Authority”…
In view of this, should this Governor be impeached… is this the representative of the people who thinks because he had power, he can toss it ‎anyhow… …..
What is your opinion readers? Let’s get your contribution…………
Kindly share this news to let other get the awareness.. thank you.
Check the video under the story!

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