Shebaby to launch musical band with live music in Lagos


Popular actress and singer, Seyi Ariyo known as Shebaby as set to thrill her fans with live musical performance
as she launches her ‘Shebaby & her Classic Band’ at the the Ambiance Cafe, Ikeja on Sunday, March 24.

Shebaby has setted to officially launch her band to her fans with her first live performance at the Ambiance, Ikeja with best of live music free by 7pm on Sunday.

For sometimes, Shebaby was away from the entertainment scene and in an attempt to bounce back and get her groove on, she moved and announced to her fans that she was in the UK to promote her works.

She once revealed her reason for embarking on a break from the entertainment scene, which was to raise a family and that despite the break seemed to have had an adverse effect on her career, she had no regrets.

“Yes, my break from the industry had an adverse effect on my career because one has to stay relevant in whatever field one is. My break from my career was to have a family of my own, but I do not regret the decision. I am back and better,” the actress said.

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