Queens College Students Protest: “Leave our teacher alone”. Osifala is no paedophile


Queens’ College students: “Our teacher is not a child molester”.

Queens College students are telling people to stop demonising Olaseni Osifala, the Biology teacher alleged to have sexually molested a JSS2 student.

Many have called for Osifala to be transferred to another school (an all-male school), suspended or fired (and prosecuted) but the protesting QC students say their academic performance would dwindle if that happened.

They carried placards debunking allegations that Osifala is a serial paedophile.

The school management and head girl have also defended Osifala. Read their statement here.

But many say the management is only shielding the teacher from justice. There have been allegations of sexual harassment and molestation against Osifala in the past.

The school confirms this but added that such allegations were investigated and found to be false.

Osifala himself said students had, in the past, openly confessed to having been recruited by unnamed persons to frame him.

An official of Lagos State’s Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) told us on Monday the mother of the girl who was allegedly molested says she’s unwilling to come out for now.

The official also said they have not met the mother in person. But they said the case has been forwarded to the police.

DSVRT also says it’s on a fact-finding mission to ascertain what allegedly transpired between the JSS2 girl and Osifala.

But it remains unclear if much fact can be found before the mother of the alleged victim file an official complaint.


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