Queens College Online Commentators- “Osifala could be banging 50% of Queens’ College students, teachers”


Queens College “paedophile” lecturer Mr Osifala Olaseni.

The Internet is ago with all manner of talks regarding Osifala Olaseni who is accused of molesting a Queens College (QC) schoolgirl.

Osifala, who is accused of having a history of sexually harassment and molesting schoolgirls, is reportedly being protected by QC’s female Vice Principal.

The Internet has gone into overdrive on the entire thing.

We found a thread on Nairaland where a commenter said the following:


I know this man very well.
He is known as MR Olasheni, sometimes referred to Okosheni, Obosheni, Ashewo boy and all sorts of bad names back then.
While I was growing up these kinds of men were bad boys role model…he used to work/co-owned a clinic.
Very intelligent in any science field but can sleep with frog if allowed.
The negative effects these men have on our generation still lingers in our memory.
I won’t be surprised if he is servicing more than half of the female staffs and students…thats his area of specialisation. Don’t allow this man teach you Biology (Reproduction) you will be horny….I swear.
I hope and pray his daughters come my way soon.

The Lagos State government is currently investigating Osifala, the school, and allegations tabled by a parent who said the teacher sexually harassed and molested her JSS2 daughter.

None of the allegations against Osifala has been proven. We await the outcome of the investigation.

Let’s look at other things posted on that online thread:


There are many crazy mothers I can assure you. Sometimes you only have to attend a PTA meeting in Queens College to be convinced. Some even go as far as asking principal to prevent their enstranged husband to visit their daughter so that the girl will not be sexually molested. You haven’t seen anything until you see these evil women parents in action and I am sure the principal and staff have over time learnt to treat them with the disdain they deserve.

Why should a man’s career be jeopardised because of mere hearsay? If he is good looking is that his fault? If women like him is that his fault? If young girls have a crush on him and therefore imagine all sort of fantasies is that his fault?

Mr Osifala stop molesting girls that are underage you hear? Grow some balls to date mature women with sense. Rubbish.

He was a teacher when I was a student of QC. Though we knew he used to have affairs with students but those were girls that were spoilt already. He might have been drunk that night and couldn’t control  himself.

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