Popular Artiste, Oritsefemi Discredits Claims Of Thriving Off Political Funds


Singer Oritsefemi has dismissed every claims stating that the relationship between the two parties are symbiotic, each feeding on one another. That’s the controversial claim surrounding the music industry that artistes thrive off political funds.


Gbedu magazine reveals in an interview that he noted Politicians need the entertainers to cool off the the heated situation in the country, adding that they also do not have so much money to give to artistes as widely claimed by many.


“Entertainers and politicians can’t do without each other. They need each other, the politicians need the entertainers a lot to calm every situation off in the country. So honestly, if you count entertainers out of the Nigerian politics, it will affect a lot. For instance, the song i did, was from my personal pocket, nobody funded me. No let anybody decieve you, how many politicians dey give us money, how much them wan give u. We dey make our money by ourselves.”

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