Police sergeant who spend lavishly exposed! Is he truly a Policeman? (Video)


I’m sorry for using mask while making this video, I need to protect my identity hence I don’t know what will happen to me if I am known. I want you all to everyone to reason this situation.

This man is known as Mr MCON as encrypted on his car number plate. He is mostly familiar with anyone who clubs around Lagos Island because of his prominency and he clubs almost every weekends in Lagos.

He usually shut every club he attends. Just a month ago, he celebrated his 30th birthday at Club 57 Ikoyi, in attendance are Lagos big boys and celebrities including 2face Idibia. Five Star Music record label manager, E-money have no gut to spend up to the total money spent by the said Mr Con within 3 hours that night.

His house at Femi Fani Kayode’s Estate, Ikeja worths over N250m. I travelled to Owerri last week to see an uncle at Mopol 18 Barracks, and I spotted this same Mr Con in a Sergeant ranked Nigeria Police uniform with an AK 47 rifle shockingly. I returned to Lagos and launched an investigation where I get to know his true identity as Marsel C. Nnabokwu.

I searched through to get his Facebook profile, and there I got to know that truly he is a Policeman and also a sergeant.
But come to think of it, is this guy truly a Policeman? Can any Nigerian Policeman worth N2b?

If he is not a Police, how did he get the sergeant uniform with an AK47 rifle? If answers can’t be provided for the above questions, kindly direct the above questions to the Inspector General of Police to answer them.

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