Odunlade Adekola: Threatens Kemi Afolabi and She Baby


Odunlade warns Kemi Afolabi and She Baby to stop using his name for cheap publicity.

724c4311-5428-4a82-86d0-cf092143b4c8Popular Yoruba actor and Glo Ambassador, Odunlade Adekola, has vowed to deal with co-actors, Kemi Afolabi and Seyi Ariyo better known as She Baby, should they continue to drag him into their ongoing feud.

About two weeks ago, Kemi Afolabi and She Baby, had engaged in a social media fight over a piece of clothe and Odunlade, who would have just been an observer, was drawn into the matter when the ladies were said to have claimed ‘to be seeing him’ intimately.

Their beef started when She Baby took to social media, asking Kemi to return her clothes and also called her many unprintable names. She Baby said she had invited Afolabi to star in her movie scheduled for10am but the actress did not get to the movie location till 5pm even though she only had three scenes to shoot. Because of her lateness, she had to sleep in a hotel and she insisted that She Baby would foot the bill.

She Baby who was already upset that the actress came to her location late refused to pay the bills, adding that if she had turned up on time, there would have been no need for a hotel accommodation.

Kemi Afolabi, who later came out to say her own side of the story, said, ‘It is not in my nature to react to false allegations, as I realised long ago in my God’s chosen career that it is impossible to throw stones at every barking dog. But in the spirit of fairness and to put the record straight, I would like to state my own side of the story being bandied about me by She Baby on social media. I was contacted by She baby to take a role in an upcoming movie and she was supposed to provide accommodation for me.

‘I realised much later that when it was time to retire for the night, that no such arrangements were made. She then pleaded with me to pass the night at her place, but I politely refused and told her that I would sort out my hotel accommodation for the night, and she will have to reimburse me later. I deliberately held on to the costume I wore as security for the refund of my hotel expenses and I was surprised when I read from blogs and other social platforms that she alleged that I borrowed clothes from her to wear.

‘In the heat of the matter, senior actor and respected colleague, Saheed Balogun, curiously contacted me on the issue and I emphatically explained what happened to him; he offered to pay the hotel expenses and I have since given the clothes (IRO and BUBA) to him, for onward transmission to She Baby. That is what transpired between She Baby and I in a nutshell and it’s rather very disappointing she has decided to tarnish my image for no good reason she can defend. Let me state it categorically that I, Kemi Afolabi Adesipe will never engage in frivolous and undue confrontation with anybody, let alone someone in the same showbiz industry with me. I rest my case.’

Odunlade, who was vexed that his name was dragged into a matter that does not concern him, warned the actresses to stop using his name for cheap publicity.

In a chat, the prolific actor cum movie producer said, ‘I was shocked and enraged when I read in the news that two married actresses were fighting dirty over me. I don’t  know why they would drag my name which I have spent years of hard work to build in the mud just like that. I have no idea why they would even mention my name in the matter and the first thing that came to my mind was to contact my lawyers and sue them for defamation but I decided against it because it would turn into another scandal.’

Speaking further, the ‘Oyenusi’ actor said: ‘I am a happily married man with children and I wonder why either of them would make such damaging statement. Nothing like an amorous relationship exists between me and any of them. In fact, I have only had a one-on-one encounter with Seyi Ariyo about two times and I doubt we have seen each other in the industry up to four times. So, where did such claims come from? They are just using my name for cheap publicity probably to make their movie popular but why would they want to do such at the expense of my family’s happiness? I implore these ladies to stop using my name for cheap publicity and face their craft. If such happens again I may be forced to involve my lawyers in the matter.”

Reacting to Odulade’s declaration, She Baby was angry that Adekola threatened to sue her. The actress did not only call his bluff, she denied using his name for publicity stunt.

In her words, ‘I don’t have any reaction to his statement but if he feels he wants to involve his lawyers in the matter, then he should do that. Did I drag his name into the matter? Did I mention his name? I have not granted any interview on this issue and all I have told everyone that has called me about the matter is that the issue has been resolved and I have got my clothe back. What publicity stunt is Adekola talking about? I never mentioned his name; why should I mention his name when he did not appear in the movie. It had absolutely nothing to do with him.

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