Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph Regretted Not Obeying Father Before Death Snatched Him

Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph, who recently lost her father at the age of 88 is regretting her failure to grant the old man’s wish the last time he visited her.
Gbedu magazine reveals that according to the actress, her father had asked that she took some nice pictures with him but she declined.
“The last time he came to visit me in Lagos, he asked me to take a family photo with him but because I believed I would see him, I did not listen to him. I said that I would always see him and he concluded that I could not tell. I wish I took him to a studio for a photoshoot. I wish he was still alive to witness my marriage, I wish he would be there to have that father and daughter dance with me but he is gone,” she told.
She added that he was one of her biggest fans and was very supportive of her acting career.
“Whenever he saw me in movies he would say, ‘that is my kpari’ which means that is my daughter. He was very proud and supportive of my career. I feel so emotional right now. He always scolded me anytime I wore revealing clothes saying that I did not need to wear such. He always told me that he preferred me wearing long clothes that covered every part of my body.
“I would really miss my father because I was a daddy’s girl. I would miss his jokes because my father was a very humorous man who always teased me and I would also miss the way he scolded me anytime I was out of line,” she said.

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