Nigerian Sinppppppger Timaya, is one singer that can easily be pointed out that had a rough beginning until God’s favour smiled his way some years ago.

The singer recalling how far he has come in the industry, stated that people keep telling him that he slays which he does not even know the meaning but what is paramount to him is that God has been so good to him.

In his words, “GOD made man. I can’t believe am that plantain boy! I am so grateful GOD and I like the way you made me learn how to mind my business. They say I slay, trust me I don’t even know what that means. In summary I just want to thank GOD and I will serve him till I die.”

Timaya, while in school when he came to Lagos, precisely Ikeja Grammar school, Oshodi, was never able to complete his academics in the school because he was expelled. He and some of his friends were caught at popular hangout at Ikeja, Water Parks in their school uniform and he was paraded on the assembly ground before he was expelled.

But discovering his talent, the singer is ensuring that he gets the best out of life and gives the best to his children.

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