Nigerian Reggae Legend, Raw Kimono dies at 60

Nigerian Reggae Legend, Raw Kimono dies at 60


Nigerian Reggae legend , Ekeleke Elumelu, popularly known as Ras Kimono , is dead

The reggae star, who was known for hit songs like ‘We No Want’ and ‘“Rum-Bar Stylée” had reportedly concluded plans to travel to the United States on Saturday.
Sadly, he was rushed to a hospital in Lagos on Saturday where he passed on in the early hours of Sunday.
Born Ukeleke Onwubuya on May 9 in Delta State, he celebrated his 60th birthday amidst fanfare in Lagos a few weeks ago.

Recently, Ras Kimono Spoke about his unwillingness to change his music to appeal to younger audience, Kimono stated that; “I have been playing reggae music for years and I don ’t plan to change my style or dilute it. Those who want to listen will surely do . The truth is that you can force a horse to the river , but you can ’t force it to drink from it. We still have a lot of youths who know my value . I don ’t believe that all the youths are senseless.
I believe two million youths out of five million youths know the difference between good and bad . If I had changed my style , I would probably not be here talking to you . I am certain the media would have crucified me that I did it for the love of money . My brand of music has kept me alive and still makes me relevant”, has said according to Punch.

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