Nigeria Squander Athletics Federation N55 Million Grant, Ban Underway


International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is considering suspending Nigeria from all International Athletics related activities.

Gbedu magazine reveals that the impending sanction is as a result of the inability of officials from the Athletics Federation of Nigeria, AFN, to account for a $150,000 grants by the IAAF. The amount was said to have been paid by the IAAF as part of its $15,000 annual grants to member federations for the year 2017, but the world body erroneously sent the country $150,000.

After the effort was discovered by IAAF accountants, they subsequently requested for a refund of the excess sum from the AFN. However, the money just now joined the league of swallowed monies. The story goes that, after receiving the amount, the AFN secretary-general Ameachi Akau, confused about the amount contacted his superiors at the sports ministry and from then on, the money developed wings.

Several calls, emails and text messages have been sent to Ameachi to explain the situation, but he has declined to respond.

However, a member of the AFN and a senior athlete confirmed the reports. The athlete said, “It is true…but I think the AFN secretary-general and the sports ministry officials are in the best position to explain to Nigerians”.

The IAAF has however not said back in the bid to recover the sum. As the federation withheld all further payments to the AFN, while considering other options to retrieve the excess payment. A member of the Nigerian 4x400m team said, “This is the reason we haven’t been paid our winnings at the 2017 World Championships, we have also not received our winnings at the Bahamas World relays. Right now I hate to be a Nigerian athlete and I don’t think anyone should blame the kids running to other countries”.

The shameful corrupt practices in the Nigerian government has made it’s way into sports and it’s appalling to behold

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