Nigeria House, London: Citizens Were Made to Cry Getting e-passport


The ‘Nigeria House’, where International Passports are produced and renewed for Nigeria in London have not been performing up to expectation overtime.

Nigeria in London are not happy with the way being treated by the Members of Staff in the mission, as regards the production and collection of renewed travel passports.

According to Gbedu magazine reporter, ‘applicants were made to pay for the renewal of a Nigeria e-passport, which is supposed to be 64pages booklet; but 32pages were issued as against the required payment made’.

There is usually a system of operation in their office which is really saddening, you spend less than 5 hours paying and after you pay for 64pages, you will be given a date of collection. When you get there on the required day, you will have to wait for 5 2d62f069-c1f7-4ccb-8848-6119cd620520hours before you can collect the passport, and the mandatory scheme available there is that, you must sign that you paid for the 32pages produced instead of the 64pages earlier paid for.

Applicants were made to sign for the collection of 32pages renewal produced, as against the previous 64pages paid for.

President Muhammadu Buhari needs to put the foreign mission in order at the approach it uses for his business operation, and the manner at which the officers approach the citizens in transaction of services renderred.

In the same vein, the opening hours of their office is 8am till and the number of staff rendering services are 12people as against the number of applicants (600) who are ready to collect their passport daily.

However, Nigerians are not happy at all with the shady performance accorded them; thereby making them cry bitterly at the dissatisfaction and expressing their frustration with anger.

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