‘New Nigeria Cinema’: UK-Based Renowned Nigerian Actor, Wale Ojo- Nollywood on The Path to Greatness


UK-based Nigerian international actor, Wale Ojo is one of the entertainers doing Nigeria proud in diaspora, having spent the better part of his life abroad and featured in several foreign films, the Ibadan-born actor believes Nigerian movie industry, widely known as Nollywood, is on the path to greatness.

The ‘Phone Swap’ actor revealed according to Gbedu magazine, that his conviction that Nollywood will ‘explode’ is one of the reasons why he’s championing a campaign called ‘New Nigeria Cinema.’

‘Nollywood is going to explode. I have a movement which I termed ‘New Nigeria Cinema.’ The movement is to help improve the quality of Nigerian films. More good films is going to be shot,’ he said.

Speaking further, Wale added: ‘I saw a new movie the other day called ‘Gidi Blues,’ which I really thought was exciting. I just shot a film called ‘The Good Samaritan’ and another one called ‘Oju Kokoroko’- these are really strong films representing Nigeria very well. So we are really pushing, Nollywood is about to explode.’

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