#NECLive4: D’banj- Alaba Market Porous With Fake Marketers


Nigerian music star, D’banj while delivering a speech at the 4th edition of Nigerian Entertainment Conference{NECLive} yesterday, pointed out that one of the major problems the music and movie industries are facing,f410596b-cf4c-49c4-8228-355df0c45fe8 is lack of proper distribution channel.

According to him, ‘Since the day I started my music career, people always say Alaba is killing us. I say where is Alaba? They made it almost look like it’s a mirage.

‘But of late, I have been doing research and I found out that, there’s no authenticated licensed marketer for both movies and music that has a store at Alaba. That means distributions physically has not really been made clear to us.

‘And I looked abroad, I mean the western world, and I said to myself that how do they do it? And I will tell you in all my life that I have been travelling, I have never seen one music stand, or one movie shop, where someone can just walk in and that it’s only music or movies you buy.

‘So when you go to London, you see a Virgin Mega Store or HMV, and when you walk in to purchase other things, you will see where you can buy original CDs and DVDs. So, I asked myself, do we have such kind of platforms here in Nigeria, do we have such networks here in Nigeria that we can register with and finally say to ourselves as an industry that we do have physical distribution?’

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