Naija Rapper, Ice Prince Messed Up Relationship With Maima

Rapper Ice Prince, has confessed that he is the one who usually messes up his relationships with his habitual cheating.
Gbedu magazine reveals that he admitted that he has never been cheated on by any of the many girls he has dated, adding that he was always the one who is caught doing one thing or the other.
“I haven’t caught any of my girlfriends cheating on me. Actually, I always mess up. It’s never them messing up. It’s always me. I have been blessed to date some of the very nicest girls. I take my time before I get into relationships and I have been blessed to have some amazing women come in my life but I always mess up.
“I cheat just like any other guy and sometimes I’m caught cheating or checking out somebody else. It is not something I’m proud of but I’m just being honest,” he told LIB.
Ice Prince added that he wasn’t proud of how he treated his ex girlfriends, but that he was going to work on himself.
He also reiterated his defense of his ex, Maina, who was called out on social media for cheating on him. he insisted that he defended her then because he was convinced of her innocence.
“She didn’t cheat on me that time. She was totally honest in that situation. I don’t think she ever cheated on me. I had to defend her then because people were saying stuffs that weren’t true and I’m the boyfriend. so, I had to fight for my girl and people were calling her all sorts of name. She was totally innocent in that situation. I did my research very deep. Even if the world doesn’t believe that, I know what I’m saying. Nobody knows what we were then. So when I defended her, it was not because I felt guilty about anything, it was because she was innocent and I didn’t like the names people were calling her. I didn’t catch Maima cheating. I didn’t think or suspect she was cheating. I think she was 100% honest with me. Maima was very good to me.” he said. 
He, however, said that his relationship with Maina has ended.

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