Man accused of sexually abusing secondary school student summoned to the palace – Alaafin of Oyo’s wife, Olori Ola


Olori Olaitan, the youngest wife of the Alaafin of Oyo has summoned the man accused of sexually abusing a secondary school student, to the palace for questioning.

Recall that Olaitan, last Friday, shared a heartbreaking note by the victim alleging that her neighbour has been molesting her but her parents didn’t believe her.
Queen Ola of Oyo who visited her Alma mater, St. Bernadine Girls Grammar school, Oyo, to give a talk on sex education where one of the revelations made by a teenage student is heartbreaking.
The students of the school were asked to write down their questions in a piece of paper and pass it across. One student revealed in her note that she’s a victim of sexual abuse.
Her note reads:
I am having sexual abuse with my neighbour and I have reported to my parents and they didn’t believe. What can I do?
Queen Ola said the note moved her to tears, but she didn’t reveal what’s being done to help the girl.

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