#Lovelagosweekend in London

The Lagos State Government team is in London, United Kingdom, to brand “PROJECT THESE” which signifies; Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment and Arts, and Sports for Excellence, spearheaded by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Arts and Culture, Honourable Adebimpe Akinsola, the media arm of the Lagos State Broadcasting Service, LTV (Lagos Television) and others members of the tourism ministry.
Nigerian Ace Comedian‎, Gbenga Adeyinka “D 1st” was in the house with his comedy skits to cheer up Londoners towards the understanding of partnering the Lagos State government by coming back home to do their businesses in Lagos which is safe and welcoming.
Gbedu magazine reveals, according to the question thrown at Honourable Akinsola by Olugbedu, she stated that the cardinal programme of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is Arts, Culture‎, and Tourism for Lagos State.
She said that the government of Lagos State is looking into tourism, arts and culture as an economic platform for the state, which the state has not tapped into but the state is seriously daring to to change the face of tourism in Lagos.
Akinsola opined that Lagos State Government is already putting up an edifice which will be of world class standard and people will appreciate it for tourism‎.
‎She posits that the Nollywood wing of tourism in Lagos State will experience the clarion call for a stakeholders meeting with the government to jaw jaw and brainstorm on the setback facing the industry, and possible solution to correcting and improving wherever.
She said that, channelling a course for the nollywood and artistes generally, is very important, which is devoid of the usually observed individualism trend in the artistes. The government is ready to invest in tourism which will be beneficial to both the practising nollywood artistes and Lagos State at the same time.
She, however, admonished ‎nollywood to coordinate themselves under an umbrella body to be able to think together as the Hollywood in United States of America, thereby, thinking less of individualism in personal achievement but a unified form of pushing nollywood forward.
Honourable Akinsola said that changing the perception of people in UK about Lagos ‎is the key factor of coming to this carnival. She said that Lagos is a good Brand now which people must consume by thinking positively about Lagos, thereby, discarding the negative conversation about Lagos.
She stated that, the London Carnival 2016 is where Lagos is having a corner to showcase it’s best brands as Lagos,  the anticipated things to be done about Lagos‎, projecting Lagos in positive manner for people to know that Lagos today is driven by hospitality as regards accommodation of people all over the world, in the areas of security, business investments, cultural artifacts et cetera.
Olugbedu asked the Honourable Special Adviser‎, Adebimpe Akinsola that, whether she believes that London is Lagos phase 2, and she agreed that it’s true, that a lot of Lagosians  are living in UK and purposely to let them know that home is best.
Consequently, since the emergence of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode as the new Lagos Captain in the government house, there have been a lot of giant strides in the economic development of Lagos, repair of dilapidated roads, provision of facilities for the security personnel of Lagos State to work effectively ‎and efficiently towards the protection of the people residing and doing business in Lagos. And also making the civil servants smiling home with good condition of service benefits among other things in Lagos economic turn around.

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