Jesus Christ Returns To Nigeria: Using 14 Years Old Prophet/ Evangelist Adesina Ayodeji David Kekerejesu To Perform Wonders

There is a new Evangelist/Prophet of God in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria, who is named Adesina Ayodeji David popularly called Kekerejesu. He is aiming to be a World Wide Evangelist like Evangelist Reinhard Bonke who moves around the World to preach the gospel thereby delivering the people from their oppressed World and turning them back to Jesus Christ path.
Like the story of Jesus Christ in the Bible, this 14 years old Evangelist/Prophet Kekerejesu has similar starting, at a tender age, the holy spirit has been ministering to him and since then, he has been performing wonders.
Gbedu magazine unveils that in a recent interview with Evangelist/Prophet Ayodeji Kekerejesu, he opens up on the journey so far from craddle and the future to come.. below is what he says:
I am from Ado ekiti, ekiti state Nigeria
According to my mother, my birth was full with stories. I started ministering as an evangelist at the age of 7, when I was in primary 3 at God of fire Pentecostal ministry ido-ekiti, then it was CAC church
Before I start ministry, God always show me revelations but I don’t understand it, my mummy always take me to one prophet called Olabiwonun Segun johnson, from His church I started ministering.
And God told me to go out now and free HIS people from the devil. And to preach against every bad habit, for HIS coming is at hand.
I was once a lame boy, God straightened my legs
The first born of my mother have been a blessing and Angel to help me this far.
I have the call of a prophet and evangelist and many testimonies had really established my call.
I don’t have a church but I have an evangelism outreach train called MORANUGBA WORLD OUTREACH
I have been to many churches and states to preach the gospel.
Consequently, Evangelist Kekerejesu said he has not been to bible school, that it’s the Holy spirit that is his teacher, and that the youth have been changing to God.
He opined that he went to minister sometime in Ibadan and some thugs were crying after listening to his preaching, and surrender to Christ Jesus themselves.
‎When Gbedu magazine asked Evangelist Kekerejesu that do the people appreciates him according to what is stated in the scriptures of 1 Corinthians 9 vs 11-14, this is what he said:
People don’t like to bless the work of God again due to the fact that fake men that claim to be men of God has dupe them with the name of Jesus. So to find them in encouraging with little they have is difficult. I don’t find things easy sir. I still attend public school, I can’t preach in English due to environment and financial problem but I find joy in God’s work . even pastors are not making any different. They only want to use me to make money and give me penut.
I don’t even know how to handle it for among men of God we have evil men.
However, My word to the world is that, REMEMBER THE LAST DAY(death) and the judgment day is near our bed.

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