“I’m killing myself instead being judged by UK government” – Zimbabwean man claims (VIDEO)


In a viral video, an unidentified UK based Zimbabwe man has reported took rat poison in a video he shared to the internet, claiming that his wife had allegedly framed him up for domestic violence before the UK government in London.

The unidentified UK based Zimbabwe man claimed he had took the rat poison before making the video to avoid UK government judgement following his wife’s accusal which has made life a ‘hell to live in’ in the UK.

Read his statement below;

“I am doing this video in the UK so the whole world will see the reason Zimbabwean men (In UK) have been killing their women, which is because the UK government supports and respect women in as much law is placed in their hands, such that my wifewhom we have been together for 19 years is accusingme of domestic violence and close to murder and it is making my life a ‘hell to live in’ in the UK.

Where as i never had any intention to harm her, all i wanted is to have a happy family which costed me £10,000 to come (relocate) into this country (UK).

I’ve just taken a rat killer as i am doingthis video to make sure the government of this country who supportwomen so much will see that it is not all about us (men), but it is because of what we go through with these women.

She had framed and accused me such that i have decided to take my life, at least to make her feel happy and comfortable. But as i’m going to die physically, my soul will be with her, i pray God that she get punished, she will give her portion in life.

I have been working hard, and i took her to school when she was 15, later we got married, she is the only on i’ve ever loved and i’ve done everything in my capacity to provide for her, but now she had made life a hell by framing me up with domestic violence, ad telling everyone that i am not a good man.

My question for her and what i want the world to ask her is “if i was as bad as she has been saying, why did she follow me to the UK when i left Zimbabwe? It was only on agreement that she and i will start a new life and bury whatever differences we had.

But little did i know that behind her beauty lies the true colours that will destroy me in the nearest future. I have always been working hard and give her what she wanted in life, but as at now, i’ve just made up my mind that instead of me being judged…” He said.

Several men in the United Kingdom had claimed that the support and backing given to women by the UK government is out of hands and had led some men to stay single, while it has led many into depression and have drove many to the rehab.

The UK government needs to help men out of this, to help in reducing men suicide rate in the UK.

Watch the video below:

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