#IbeseKingship: Constitution, Ifa justify Alexander Idowu as next Oba, awaits Amosun’s declaration


As the struggle continues on who will mount the Ibese community King’s stool, the chosen one, Alexander Idowu has emerged and has been justified by Ifa oracle and the constitution of Ibese community.

Alexander Aliu Adegbemiro Idowu, despite emerging as the chosen one to mount the vacant King’s stool of Ibese, has been countered by two opponents, Azeez Idowu, a grandson of Idowu and Oluwarotimi Mulero, son of a grand-daughter of Idowu.

Gbedu Magazine had earlier reported that Alexander Aliu Adegbemiro Idowu is the eldest son of Olokojobi’s, and he is entitled to the throne according to the constitution and consulted Ifa Oracles, but the King Makers decided to enthrone Oluwarotimi Mulero, son of a grand daughter of idowu which is against the constitution of the land.

The election of the king has been facing series of manipulations from members of the chosen family, Ibese King-makers and some notable individuals in the society who have the power to influence certain monarchy decisions in the community.

Azeez Idowu, a grand-son of Idowu whom had setted himself as an opposition to the chosen one Alexander, has allegedly by dubious means lobbied with her sister, Princess Nofisat Adebisi who is allegedly dating to gain the support of Alhaji Abidoye Ajani Amosun (Alhaji Agba), who is a brother to Senator Ibikunle Amosun, for Azeez.

It has been believed that he, Alhaji Agba can use his influence as a brother to the governor to manipulate his decisions towards who will be the next Ibese king.

The chosen one, Alexander Idowu according to all protocols and formal procedures should have been crowned as the King of Ibese, but there has been an halt in the process as the Ogun State Amosun-led Government whose tenure will end on May 29, had delayed the acknowledgement of certain certificate to Alexander that will enable him to fill the vacant throne of oba of Ibese.

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