Hollywood Actor Mike Ezuruonye accused of Romance Scam

Award-winning actor, Mike Ezuruonye has been accused by scam investigator, Susie Retty on Facebook for scamming women under false pretence.
Susie Retty in series of Facebook posts, had claimed the actor, Mike Ezuruonye has been extorting women while pretending to be in love with them. Susie revealed with Facebook posts and screenshots of claimed conversation between Mike and one Racheal.
“**MIKE EZURUONYE** Look at the payment date and when Mike was in London.
When Rachel told me she had bought a top and 2 hats for Mike even though she has never met him in flesh. I asked for the evidence and  she sent it to me. All those saying that it’s not Mike talking to her in the videos explan this please. Rachel got Kayebonye to make the Tshirt and hats for Mike. When Mike came to London he went to Kayebonye himself to pick up the goods. Rachel  does not live in London. You can see  the picture he took when he went to pick them up himself. That’s proof of payment from her bank account. That’s Mike wearing the hat in Nigeria and telling Rachel. IF ITS NOT MIKE SHE HAS BEEN SPEAKING TO HOW COMES MIKE PICKED UP THE GOODS, TOOK PICTURES AND SENT TO HER? PLEASE DO NOT SAY SOFTWARE or his double….. He has had up £10k off her.” Susie posted.
Susie also claim with proofs that the Bollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye has scammed several women, looting away their hard earned money, even to fund his movies.
Susie claimed that Mike’s victim had lost £10,000, £8,000 respectively and even claimed that two ladies financed Mike’s movie in 2016.
“Sorry but let me point out. This was 2016. Mike Ezuruoyne I am sorry babes but I am still on your case. The evidence against you is overwhelming. You used your official account to talk to this lady. I have 2 women who financed your movie brother Jacob. My ears are actually hurting me. Can explain if a scammer has your bank details cos that is your name in spite of what you wrote on your profile. This lady actually did a video call with u. You were a boat. See where Mike confirmed having a video call with before asking for money?  This one weak me. Mike I hear you will be in Britain soon. PLEASE do not sneak in. Be brave and meet with these ladies if you have nothing to hide.” Susie Narrated.
One of the acclaimed victim of Mike’s fake romance, Sandra Seaton had also called out Mike to be a ‘Fake romance scamming thief’ in a live video conversation with Susie Retty.
Another post by Susie Retty claimed the uploaded audios are conversation between Mike and Racheal so far.
“These are voice recording  between Rachel and Mike. Demanding for her hard earned money. Confirmed by 4 of his friends. Minus the America accent. I’m speechless. I feel sick at the coldness. More to follow. My head is aching. No need to deny your trade statement “Are u mad” is there,” she posted.
Meanwhile, 14 months ago, Mike Ezuruonye during an exclusive interview with PULSE revealed what he has been going through in the hands of Internet fraudsters.
Mike Ezuruonye has revealed how he has been battling with fraudsters who have been using his photos and name to defraud innocent victims abroad through love scam.
To read more of the interviews between Susie Retty and Mike’s scam survivors, visit the investigator’s Facebook page, Susie Retty.

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