I want to congratulate the people of Ogun State and the families of the victims who were kidnapped recently within and around the State for their safe release and unhurt return. Let me equally commend the effort of the government of Ogun State under the leadership of Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun on the timely intervention towards this successful release of the two Ayetoro campus of Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) students.
I rejoice most sincerely with the family of these two students, Adeyemo Precious and Oyefule Abiola who have had to go through the trauma of this abduction at an intense unimaginable mental and physical anguish.
I want to also genuinely commend the professional commitment of the security agencies especially the police, through the Commissioner in Ogun state CP Edward Awolowo Ajogun, for swift deployment of human and material resources to aid the release of the students.

In spite of this, it is pertinent to take into cognizance that while basking in the euphoria of the release of the students, government at all level both the Local, State and at federal must enhance the security by synergizing with local agencies (OPC, AMOTEKUN, VIGILANTEE GROUP EVEN WITH THE LOCAL HUNTERS) and citizens for improved security.
Just last week, the family and local security operatives struggle tenaciously to secure the release of Alhaji Lookman Onabanjo (Bugon) A Lagos based oil business man who was also abducted recently.

Let me describe this act of those kidnappers as evil and profoundly immoral which should not be tolerated anywhere in our community especially Yoruba land, Kidnapping is a serious crime and has potential for transforming into other felonious offenses, such as physical violence, financial victimization and murder. It has remained the most virulent and pervasive with intractable violent in our once safe society, any form of banditry should not be allowed and perpetrators should be brought to face the wrath of the law.
Nowhere is safe anymore, we live in fear day in day out, government should be able to guarantee the safety of its citizens, there should be improved capacity and morale for our security personnel, provision of basic working gadgets and tools to motivate them should be paramount. Poor funding in the police formation is also one of the things impeding their movement and commitment towards their duties.
On the part of the people and the community, everyone should be vigilant now, security is everybody’s business and as such all hands must come on the deck, any strange or suspicious movement of vehicular or human should immediately be accosted, questioned and reported to appropriate channels. Community heads, royal fathers, traditional rulers and every individuals should take security and surveillance very important these days.

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