Football Legend, Lionel Messi and Father, Paralympian Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to Jail

Today 6th of July is a double troubled tragedy ‎day in the sporting world as two notable sport stars in Athletics and Football have been sentenced to various degrees of numbers of seasons in prison.
The first Sport personality is Barcelona football superstar, Lionel Messi, sentenced to jail for evading taxes in Spain.

Gbedu magazine reveals Messi was handed a 21-month jail sentence for tax evasion – but is unlikely to go to prison, reports in Spain say.
Messi and his father, Jorge received the same sentence but law experts say that under Spanish law, a prison sentence under two years can be served on probation, meaning they are unlikely to wear prison gab.
A court in Barcelona found father and son guilty of three counts of tax fraud. A statement however said the sentence can be appealed through the Spanish supreme court.
The court ordered Messi to pay a fine of around £1.7m and his father to pay £1.27m.
The case concluded on 3 June, with prosecutors contending that Messi’s father was the main person responsible for defrauding Spain’s tax authority of £3.19m from 2007-09.
However, the legal representative for the tax office said the Barcelona forward knew enough to also be held accountable.
At the end of the trial last month, he called for a prison sentence of 22 months each for both Messi and his father, while the public prosecutor requested a sentence of 18 months for the father only.
Government prosecutor Mario Maza had argued Messi and his father did not prove their innocence and were not able to show that the player did not have at least some knowledge of the corporate structures created to lower his tax burden in Spain.
“Messi knew more than he made it appear (in court),” Maza said at the time, adding that they “showed no credibility”.
Meanwhile, Disgraced South African Paralympian, Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to six years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.
Gbedu magazine reveals that the six-time Paralympic gold medalist was sentenced by a court in Pretoria on Wednesday morning after being found guilty of murdering Steenkamp by an appeal court in December last year.
The 29-year-old killed Steenkamp by shooting through a locked toilet door in February 2013 and was originally convicted of manslaughter in September 2014, but that verdict was subsequently overturned.
Pistorius was facing a possible 15-year jail term for the murder but Judge Thokozile Masipa said substantial and compelling circumstances existed in the double-amputee Olympic runner’s case, which justified a lesser sentence.
Judge Masipa, who oversaw the original trial which led to the manslaughter conviction, said: “Although a custodial sentence is a proper sentence, I am of a view that a long term of imprisonment will not serve justice in this matter.
“The accused has already served a sentence of 12 months’ imprisonment, he is a first offender and, considering the facts of this matter, he is not likely to re-offend.”
And Judge Masipa then announced the sentence, which will probably see Pistorius serve three more years in jail.
Judge Masipa, who described Pistorius as a “fallen hero”, went on to order a recess, giving prosecutors and defence lawyers time to decide if either wanted to appeal the sentence.
But Gbedu magazine gathered that Pistorius’ lawyers have decided not to file an appeal against the judgment.

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