Exclusive: Nigerian-American Singer, Jidenna’s Role In Banky’s Proposal

Did Nigerian-American singer, Jidenna, play a role in Banky’s decision to go public with his engagement with screen goddess Adesua? Well, you never can tell, especially after taking into consideration Adesua Etomi’s open confession of a crush on him some weeks back. But what role could that have played in making Banky propose to her?
Gbedu magazine reveals that the seeming plausible answer is in Adesua Etomi’s tweet just over two weeks ago where she wrote: “It’s Official. I’ve Been Fighting It. Trying To Tell Myself What i Feel Isn’t Real. …It Is. Dear Jidenna, I Love You. Such A Babe”
Fast forward to yesterday and we have chronic bachelor and her rumoured long time boo, Banky W on his knees begging, pleading forgiveness for not knowing she was his Chosen One all along! And she looked into his baby eyes and pitied his longing soul and said “yes”. But the question no one asked was if her open declaration of affection for Jidenna was a ploy to jolt Banky into reality. It got to be, or else you are saying Banky is second choice right? But why settle for second choice when first choice hasn’t responded to the high school girl love wish that trended only days ago? Just musing.
But then again, Banky and friends affirm that their love had been sealed for a while now, with now born again rapper Lynxx claiming that holding the piece of information back was the biggest secret he has had to keep in his life till date. Yet, you may never know how that tweet on Jidenna affected Banky! What with the way the Nigerian blogosphere presented the news, you can only imagine what went through Banky’s mind. One such bogs even titled its posts on her tweet thus:  ‘MOVE OVER, BANKY! ADESUA ETOMI REVEALS CRUSH FOR JIDENNA’
Now though, the seemingly hard-to-get Banky has faced his bachelor demons and taken the bull by the horn. Turns out the whole nation had been waiting on him. But he may have to thank Jidenna who even though might not be aware of Adesua’s crush, invariably played a role in his awakening to proposal.

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