Exclusive: Ace Nollywood Actor, Producer and Director, Lanre Balogun Speaks to Gbedu Magazine on UK Nollywood

‎Nigeria’s Nollywood Ace Actor, Producer and Director of all time, Mr. Olanrewaju Balogun was‎ in United Kingdom and was opportuned to watch a new movie tilted “Why Marry”. We caught up with him and quickly asked him series of questions on the act of thespian professionalism and he gave us his candid opinion on what is, and what is not.
You will recollect that Mr. Balogun has been into Movie production as a Guru since 30years from now, and he told us that he started with NTA Victoria Island, Lagos but Ibadan was the Cradle of arts for all artistes because Ibadan was the first to have a television station in  West Africa and majority of the artistes at that time went to University of Ibadan, so it was like a real Hub of Entertainment. He said they started with “Koko Close Movie” and later migrated ‎to Lagos. Another movie we did in Lagos was “The rain of Abiku” with the likes of Tade Ogidan and the rest.
Olugbedu asked him series‎ of questions and these are all he had to say;
What are you doing in UK?
I am in UK because my family is here and there is a saying that where your family is, that’s where your heart will be. So its easy for me to witness this great movie and also another access‎ to do UK beat movies by guiding actors here on how to do it right. So people who are interested, I guide them better.
What do you see about UK Nollywood?
Hmmmmm, what I want to say is that the journey of a thousand step begins with a step. UK Nollywood will get there but they are like a baby that need to crawl gradually taking first step, so Nollywood UK is still at the teething stage in their lives. So gradually, they will get there. They have a lot of hicupps but for those who can call on the experienced people in the industry, it’s better for them.
What can you ‎do to help Nollywood UK out so that they will be using the movie produced to be making money which will not be free all the time?
Like I was saying, UK Nollywood needs training and retraining, a bit of exposure, there are lack of good contents in the story, because a lot of practitioners here are just people who have interest in movie production and not people who studied to be entertainers, to be actors or actresses‎, they only pick interest along the way. A lot of them have pedestal stories, stories that don’t have strong themes, let’s us start by doing stories that are meaningful to break boundaries. Stories that people can relate with, even the white man will appreciate.
Do you have magic for us here in UK?
Right now, we have a project but because of the economy climate, we don’t just want to do anything rickety, ‎anything that’s worth doing at all is worth doing well. If the pay is right and the budget is right and all that, I will do a very good production by getting people involved.
Since you have been coming to UK, which film do you realy love?
Well, I can’t talk about my own film but not my own film, the film I helped to direct, I directed Tolu’s first job in England here called ” shattered Heart”. It’s yet to see the light of the day because maybe she has a problem with her co-financier but it’s still one of the best produced and directed jobs done in UK up till date. I have seen all the rubbish they are turning out and they are giving themselves award up and down. ” (Olugbedu cuts in)‎ I don’t wnat to talk about the award… (Mr. Balogun continues) No No No you need to take the bull by the horn. The awards is so embarrasing.”
‎Tolu’s job is good called “shattered heart”, I brought in camera man from Nigeria, Tade Ogidan’s camera man called Jonathan gbemuto, editor also from Nigeria, and technical crew and we did a fantastic job. Up till now, am yet to see any job that’s close to that.
I admonish UK Nollywood but they should consult expert who can assist better..in the field of movie production before doing any movie at all. So that marketing of those films will be properly done.. you will still get your credit after consultation.. don’t forget that consulttion is very powerful to turns things around.

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