Curvy Singer Yemi Alade Unveils: Igbo, Yoruba Languages Are Very Similar

Curvy singer, Yemi Alade, has said that she considers herself lucky to be partly Yoruba and Igbo as both cultures have helped shaped her and impacted her career positively.
Gbedu magazine reveals according to the Johnny crooner, both Nigerian tribes share many similarities and are ultimately related. “Being partly Yoruba and Igbo is a big plus for me as it has helped me to connect with both cultures. However, I believe that both cultures are inextricably intertwined because they share a lot of similarities. You cannot underestimate the importance and role of tribes in Nigeria as it is taken very seriously. I am very proud of my heritage as an African and I try to portray in every way that I can and everywhere I go,” she said.
Yemi also revealed that her first major hit, Johnny was not a deliberate effort as she was just goofing around in the studio with the producer when the first line came. “I was in the studio with Selebobo and we were just goofing around trying to come up with a nice sound. The first line for the song just came out playfully and I continued. I never thought that it would become a hit and if not that the song was leaked, I may never have released it,” she said.

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