Between Cossy Ojiakor and a follower who advised her to stop displaying her massive boobs


Cossy Ojiakor had a brief banter with a follower, whose parents according to the actress never taught how to mind his business.

The exchange came in the comment section of a daring photo Cossy Ojiakor shared on Instagram.

The follower who asked the actress if she will be proud to show her kids the photo in the future, wrote;

Please ma’am can I ask what examples and what lesson do you’ve for your kids. Ask yourself would they be proud of you in the future time. And do you think everyone that smiles to you because of your breast really say good things about you. Please ma’am I really love and truly want you to change for the good. God bless your home.

However reacting to the comment, Cossy Ojiakor who stated that the parents of her follower never taught him how to mind his business, went on to block him. She wrote;

ur mama and papa are idiots for raising a fool like u. They forget to teach u a simple lesson like mind ur business. Blocked.

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