Beautiful Nollywood Actress, Rukky Sanda: Became a Constant Prayer in This Ramadan Fast, To Return Clubbing


Pretty Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda, has been missing in photos trending action for a while now and all thanks to the Muslim fast which is ongoing.

The actress, who is best known for her usual clubbing lifestyle and rauchy pictures, had since the commencement of the fast remained on a low key while dishing out some words of prayers to her fans.

Her duties has always been sharing few prayer points and counting how many days left in the fast. Trust what she is capable of doing as she will want to reach out to those in needs in her environment.

Gbedu magazine reveals Rukky’s constant prayers on social media has been able to ignite the passion in some of her Muslim fans who have turned her page to where they can get some prayer points to backup their daily activities and she has been doing well.

For now, she wants to be more dedicated to Allah as she is due to return to her flashy lifestyle in some few days time.

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