Aree Sunny Melody Plus D Dulcet Squard: Digs it out @ Double G Promotion Gig.


Another B4eb9623d-4ee7-4eb1-a291-6d23113da4beright Beautiful Friday Nite is around the corner and the musician of the season, Aree Sunny Melody plus D Dulcet Squard will be digging it out LIVE on Friday 4th March, 2016 by 9pm at The Moonshine Lounge, 85, Kingsland High Street, Dustin, London E8 2PB for another edition of party time till “Suzy’ whispers to ‘Honey’, its time to go home”.

The event is downloaded by the two powerful event planners in the United Kingdom, “Mr. Gaji and The Godfather” known as Double G Promotions.

Above all, Seats and Freebies are reserved by Mr. Gaji, Soul Rich and The Godfather for your utmost pleasure and a Big Thumbs Up to Naija Lifestyle, Ghaj-Bash Promotions and Naija 101.1fm.

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