Annie Idibia, 2Face Wife, Defends Hubby

Annie Idibia has risen in stout defence of her man, 2face Idibia, following the bashing he has received in the wake of his unexpected decision to pull out of the #OneVoiceNigeria protest march over security or other concerns. 
Just as 2baba himself has come out to soak in the abuse, his wife has decided to praise him for his decision, drawing comparison with legendary American freedom fighter, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr.
Gbedu magazine reveals that in a post she shared on her social media space, which was originally posted by her manager and long time friend, Naomi Adenuga, Mrs Idibia believes 2face should be praised for amplifying the protest rather than being vilified for taking a peaceful route to abort violence. Hear her:
Even Martin Luther Withdrew And Put The Safety Of The People First*. A Wise Man Lives To Fight Another Day*. I have tried not to air my opinion, comment on blogs and posts because it is in my nature to be vocal and confrontational* I always say how I feel. But my friend and brother will not have been pleased with me as he is a peace loving person and always insists on us respecting other people’s opinion*. I haven’t met a braver or more selfless man in my entire life*. I pray that my sons will be even half the man that he is*. They say he has kids from different women but he never denied any of his kids like most men do despite their wealth and status*. They say he is an illiterate but the definition of an illiterate is someone who cannot read and write*. This man reads and writes perfectly well. I can go on and on to counter a lot of allegations that were made to discredit him and his motives*. But I peacefully rest my case*.
Maybe Nigerians should see reason with 2face’s devoted wife and cut him some slack? If not for anything, then maybe for Annie and his family’s sake? After all, 2face is also human and prone to having shortcomings like everyone else. 

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