Ace Actor,Pa Kasumu Spends #50,000 Per Week On Heart, Liver And Kidney: Still Needs Re-Evaluation And Treatment.


Some of the Nigerian Veteran artistes, be it in music, theatre or other forms of entertainment have been bedevilled with one diseases or the other overtime in the past and at present, needing societal help, some of them were able to get responses from people who came quickly to their aid, while some were not opportuned. Even those who are opportuned to receive help towards their ailing health most of the times need more help to carry on either in treatment or facing life challenges ahead in maintaining the earlier treatment done.

Gbedu magazine unfolds that on this premise, the analogy cited above can be traced to the Nollywood Popular Actor of all time, Pa Kasumu with the real name as Olukayode Olugbenga Odumosu who started life of acting in 1968 when he was in class one with brother Simbad, a Yoruba man, who moved out from Late Elder Ayinla Olumegbon.

Pa Kasumu Moved on in the scene of entertaining till 1970 when he switched over to English version of acting the stage play performance, he opined that; ” we were performing live on stage play before the advent of video movie which I did the first act in 1989, on a biblical story with the title; “Naomi”. In the play, I acted two roles; the role of an elder and a supervisor. Then, I was the production manager of the play which went well. That’s how I started the video movie acting. Previously, I was avoiding popularity and I don’t want to join the video movie acting but I didn’t know it will be lucrative like this.

Up till now, thats how everything has been moving. There was a time i dont have a role. I played anyone that comes. I once worked with Baba Suwe where i acted as Baba Idogo, played the role with “Erin Keke” la’gbole baba suwe on the television series.

Later on, I started meeting with senior Yoruba actors, at that time, that was the period we were acting in Ibadan, Abeni Shake, Olofa Una, and myself were on stage when Abeni Shaje made a mistake by calling me Sir K on set. I don’t want to use my name on set as Kayode, my real name. So I decided to use Kasumu which is one of the names of my father. Later, people started calling me Pa Kasumu, even till today, it like that.

At a time, we usually do back to back movie in every ending of the year which produced for me #3.7million naira from it.

However, coming back to my sickness which started in 2008. It was after my mother’s death and after the burial, at about a month after, I fell sick and had gone to the hospital to do check up on my ailing health. I was admitted on the 9th of September, 2009 at Ikeja.

Later, I was referred to LUTH but for providence of God, I would have died at the hospital because the sickness really hooked me. I go there three times in a week whee I spent #36,000 to #50,000 everyweek on the Heart, Liver and the Kidney. When it was diagnosed, It was discovered. My son began to take me to hospital for treatment but when it wanted to affect his work, I said that let me get a permanent taxi to be taking me to the hospital. So that was how we continue with it till late 2012.

Gbedu magazine unveils the complete package of this actor’s story in our new edition of the hard copy of Gbedu Magazine Coming Out in October, 2017.

Be prepared to go and get your copy of the magazine and get full details on Pa Kasumu who still needs your help. His account number for donation is in the magazine.

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