16 Year Old Boy Gave me The First Deep Kiss: Nollywood Actress, Crystabel Goddy Reveals


Nollywood actress, Crystabel Goddy, sure has a good side when she really wants to show it, moving close to her, one is bound to see that smiling and generous personality she has been hiding.

Despite being an actress, who has been able to come out of her shy shell, she has also given love a trial which did not yield any fruit at the end.

Lots of people have had their fair share of heartbreak but for Crystabel, she does not perceive that her heart can just be toiled with by any man.

The actress revealed her romantic side according to Gbedu magazine but disclosed that anytime she recalls her first love, she realizes that she misses someone but noted that the breakup was for a purpose.

In her opinion about heartbreak, she said, “I guess everyone remembers that even when they were not in love. I haven’t exactly opened up that much to say I was heartbroken but as a human being, I missed the individual at the time but then, there’s always a reason for a breakup and we have to let go. I don’t call it heartbreak because I think heartbreak is deep. I feel when you’re really hurt, you fall into depression and I’ve never been there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover but I guard my heart jealously.”

Everyone definitely has one or two funny stories to tell about their love life and for her, she got her first kiss at age 13 from a 16 year old dude.

“I was 13 years old and he was 16 years old. It was my birthday and he’d taken me out to a surprise party. I was very shy when it happened and when the kiss was over, I ran back to the car,” she added.

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